Privacy Policy Statement

Thank you for using Tsacdop. I hope you enjoy the experience. Tsacdop is an open source project under GPL v3 license.By using this app and service then you agree to this policy.

Information collection and use

Tsacdop is an open source project and your privacy is important . Tsacdop collects no personally identifiable information. All information is stored on the device, NO subscription information, listening history, episode information, IP address, or unique user I.D.s are collected by Tsacdop.Tsacdop also parses rss and OPML on your device.You have full control of your data.

Third party services

Tsacdop does use third party services that have their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policys.

Google Play Service

Required permissions

Tsacdop require following permissions on you devices.


I may update privacy policy from time to time, if you have any questions, please contact me [email protected].

This policy is effective as of 2021-02-09.