Enjoy podcast with Tsacdop, an open source podcast app build with Flutter.

👋 Unique design

Tsacdop provides a totally different and unique design than other podcast players.

💛 Privacy friendly

Since it's free and open-source, anyone can check that Tsacdop doesn't track the user.

✨ Featureful

A lot of features are waiting for you to discover.


How to manage podcasts with group?

The default group is home when subscribe a new podcast, home group can not be deleted, you can create new groups and move podcast to a new group, each podcast can be added to multi groups, podcasts in the group will be moved to home group if you delete it.

How to subscribe podcast?

You can tap add button on topleft corner of home page, then search podacast title or rss link, you could find the podcast, or you can import OMPL file.